How The Quran Brought Success

“There’s no limit how far a human being can go with Quran.” Sumayyah Nasarrudin

Who is Sumayyah Nasarrudin?

Sumayyah is the Managing Director and co-founder of Love-to-Dress, a modest wear company that focuses on the needs for the urban professional Muslim woman. Sumayyah is from Malaysia and currently lives in Saudi Arabia with her husband and business partner, Chia.

I first learned of Sumayyah through an Instagram photo taken by Peter Gould, the renowned Muslim Australian artist. He was leading a startup workshop in Dubai that focused on Muslim Entrepreneurs’ spiritual journey in business. I clicked on the profile of many startup entrepreneurs, but Sumayyah stood out to me the most due to her interesting blog posts on the company’s website.

Sumayyah loves to share important and useful knowledge about starting a business and she does not hide trade secrets. She is more than willing to give you detailed accounts of what worked and did not work for Love-to-Dress.

More importantly, she struck me as an entrepreneur that would travel the World just to receive knowledge; hence her travels to Dubai just for the workshop. I am a big believer in continuous self-improvement, personally and professionally.

I am blessed to have knowledge that has changed my life because so many people were willing to share their business and life experiences. So when I read articles and watched YouTube videos by Sumayyah, I knew I was onto something unique and very special.

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Life Journey With The Quran:

Sumayyah says time and time again that her life has changed because she found the Quran. It opened so many doors, that the more she grew more attached to Allah, the more her life was full of blessings.

You won’t catch Sumayyah without a smile, and even though it might be cliché to say, but I was compelled to tell her that her face was full of light. The kind of brightness you only see when a person has inner peace and contentment. People get there when they sincerely work for it. Sumayyah is that woman.

I am on my own journey to grow closer to Allah, and the more I delve deeper, the more I find people who have already looked for the answers and commit to what they find more and more each day. Those are the people who inspire me the most, and I feel so incredibly blessed to have met a beautiful woman like Sumayyah.

If you are ready for answers, if you want to know the balance between living for life on Earth and our eternal home, if you want to find change that includes your lifestyle in all aspects, check out this interview of Sumayyah, and her writing at Wishing you all a wonderful and safe earthly and eternal journey.

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