When to Quit Your Job and Start A Business

“Yes you should like it, but is it your calling?” Iman Ben Chaibah

Who is Iman Ben Chaibah?

Book loving, award winning, business innovating, abaya-wearing lioness…

Yes, that is Iman Ben Chaibah, my Superwoman of choice.

Iman is a student and a teacher. I am sure she would not classify herself as such since she is an entrepreneur, and a great one of course. But Iman, if you are reading this, hear me out!

Iman’s love for reading is so profound, that if you have ever come across her blog or social media accounts, it is the first thing you will encounter. Books are Iman’s first love and it is the reason she started Sail eMagazine almost seven years ago.

Her vision was to share the work of fellow Emirati writers in the English language in efforts to reach people who want to understand the United Arab Emirates and its descendants. She knew it had to be done by transcending the invisible borders that separate us by tongue.

Today, Sail Publishing is not only a digital magazine that housed many groundbreaking articles, but it is also a Publishing House that has launched several well-received books, among them the motivational book, “Just Read It”, by Omar Al Busaidy, and the children’s book “Alayah” by Alia Al Shamsi.

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How Did Iman Start Her First Business:

When Iman started Sail in March of 2010, she was working a demanding full-time job in IT. She knew that her passion to grow Sail was her true path. But like many first time entrepreneurs, she had to know if Sail was going to be sustainable, and to let go of her position might have proven too risky in the beginning.

I can only imagine what it was like to go to work, then go home, open your laptop and start your second shift building your business for the next four years. It is the reality for anyone who’s crazy enough, passionate enough, and possesses unwavering determination to build a vision that will affect the lives of generations to come.

So in the beginning I referred to Iman as a student and a teacher: a student who’s in search for knowledge through reading, and a teacher who’s guiding to share the knowledge by building an unprecedented platform of thought-provoking ideas, stories and life experiences of writers from her beloved homeland.

Iman’s vision will see Sail eMagazine, and now Sail Publishing, reaching heights beyond the UAE and into World domination. Insha’Allah. She is a true lioness who creates opportunities, and never awaits them.


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